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dreamtiny wrote in helloprochannel
Current list of H!P members that have been confirmed okay (current and former). Bolded members are unknown.

Morning Musume
Nakazawa Yuko - blogged
Fukuda Asuka - apparently she's okay? I can't seem to find anything though.
Iida Kaori - blogged
Natsumi Abe - blogged
Ishiguro Aya - blogged
Ichii Sayaka - blogged on Ameblo and Gree.
Yasuda Kei - blogged.
Yaguchi Mari - blogged.
Goto Maki - a news post was made canceling her live. Listed as alive on Google's person finder
Yoshizawa Hitomi - confirmed safe by manager
Ishikawa Rika - Confirmed by manager
Kago Ai - tweeted.
Tsuji Nozomi - her husband blogged confirming the safety of his family. I think this is his blog? She has also blogged.
Takahashi Ai - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Niigaki Risa - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Konno Asami - confirmed by manager
Ogawa Makoto - has been tweeting.
Tanaka Reina - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Michishige Sayumi - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Kamei Eri - confirmed okay by sister's blog post
Fujimoto Miki - blogged about her flight being canceled. she's in the United States.
Kusumi Koharu - blogged.
Mitsui Aika - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
JunJun - blogged.
LinLin - blogged.
Fukumura Mizuki - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Ikuta Erina - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Sayashi Riho - confirmed by MM manager tweet.
Suzuki Kanon - confirmed by MM manager tweet.

Berryz Koubou - confirmed by manager. Their Sendai concert was supposed to be on the 12th, and has been canceled. They've been moved somewhere safe.

C-ute - confirmed by staff
Umeda Erika - tweeted.
Arihara Kanna - tweeted.

S/mileage - confirmed by staff. Some of the members also blogged. Kanon, Ayaka, Saki, Yuuka

Mano Erina - tweeted herself. Her family is also okay.

Kikkawa Yuu - canceled an event through her mobile blog (therefore assumed to be okay)


Matsuura Aya - tweeted.

Tsunku tweeted. Also confirmed that NGP members (THE Possible, Canary Club, etc.) are okay.

former Melon Kinenbi
Megumi Murata - tweeted.
Ohtani Masae - tweeted. Has managed to get in touch with her mom.
Shibata Ayumi - tweeted.
Saito Hitomi - her husband, Hachimitsu Jiro, has been tweeting. It doesn't look like he's specifically mentioned that she's okay, but it can be assumed since he hasn't said otherwise

Satoda Mai - blogged

Noto Arisa - tweeted.

Maeda Yuki - tweeted (second tweet) Her twitter is here.

Inaba Atsuko - tweeted

Heike Michiyo - microblogged.

Ishii Rika - has been tweeting.

Former Coconuts Musume
Kimura Ayaka - blogged.
Mika Todd
- was recently in Japan. it's possible that she left, though it's also possible that she was still there during the earthquake
Kobayashi Azusa - blogged.

Former Taiyo to Ciscomoon/T&C Bomber
Kominato Miwa - has been tweeting
Inaba Atsuko - confirmed by Miwa
Shinoda Miho - confirmed by Miwa
Honda Ruru - Miwa says she's currently in Shanghai, China

Suenaga Mami (Shikei-Dol) - blogged.

Former V-u-den
Miyoshi Erika - blogged.
Okada Yui

Staff confirmed that H!P eggs/graduated eggs are okay. Confirmed here.

If I'm missing anyone (and I definitely missed people) let me know either in the comments or @dreamtiny; I grabbed most of the info from H!O.

Special thanks to anyone who has dropped tips in the comments: itaewon, peachpastiche, fzed, cs1123, cunningklobe, faith_winters, mattthecat1959, adode136, mamooh,rubyprincess81, and @hitomicake. Also thank you to @Va_Nil_laCoffee, fictionitusxd, and fearmirichan for pointing out people I missed. This list wouldn't be as thorough without your comments. Thank you again!

woops, just maeda yuki then. i was scrolling too fast

Thanks! I added both links to the post :)

Marippe and Kaorin, I hope you will be okey.

Junjun and Linlin are still in China right? If so, they can probably be added to the "okay" list.

I'll add them, but there hasn't been an official confirmation for them yet :/

I'm glad so many H!P members are okay. I'm worried about Kaorin and Mari though. Also if you can answer this for me I'll be very grateful. Is down? I've been getting board message error #2000 every time I try going there for 2 days and I've tried from my local library, at my college's computer lab and my home PC. Is it down or is it just bad luck?

Re: Glad so many are okay is up. It's been up that whole time, not sure what problems you've been having there. If a site isn't working for you and you want to make sure it's not just a problem on your end try this site:

Kinda a long shot, but is Coconuts Musume Ayaka and Mika alright? I know Mika lives stateside, but recently she was in Japan and not sure if she's still there or not...

I haven't been able to find anything about them :( someone just asked me to put Ayaka on the list, I guess I should put Mika too, if she was in Japan recently.

It looks like she is ok

Thanks for putting this up, good to know that almost everyone has checked in and is doing ok :)

No problem :) I'm really happy that the majority of the girls have been confirmed as okay. I hope their families are alright.
Looks like she posted a while ago that she's alright. Google translate for this is pretty bad.

Thanks! Added.

Added! Thank you :)

I can't believe I couldn't find it -_-;

Kominato Miwa's twitter:
Seems to be fine.

Re: Kominato Miwa

Suenaga Mami (Sheki-Dol): seems to be fine as well.

Thanks for this. Will keep checking back.

Also, thanks for letting me know Makoto has a twitter (although it won't let me follow her for some reason).

Has anybody some info about Ai kago ?

She twitted so she's ok :)


Added, thank you!


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